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Beginners Tai Chi and Qigong Relaxation Courses in Stockbridge and Bruntsfield/ Morningside, Edinburgh!

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Tai Chi is a slow, relaxed form of exercise suitable for people of all ages and most levels of fitness. It resembles a slow classical dance and can be thought of as a type of meditation in movement. It is ideal for relaxation and stress reduction and can help build up balance and co-ordination, as well as bringing about a feeling of relaxation and peace of mind, while subtly exercising the body. It is made up of a sequence of flowing moves, called a form and the type of Tai Chi Hazel teaches is a long, traditional form, called the Wutan form.

Tai Chi is also an ancient Chinese art which evolved thousands of years ago and is rooted in the eastern philosophy of Taoism. The ancient Chinese lived very much in harmony with nature and many of the moves in the form imitate the natural movement of birds, animals or other aspects of nature, for example the posture 'seven stars' is named after the 'big dipper' star constellation, while 'white crane flaps its wings' imitates the move of a crane, a symbol of longevity in Chinese mythology. Tai Chi can also be practiced as a martial art, however it has been found to be beneficial to health and Hazel teaches it purely for health and relaxation reasons.



Tai Chi near Edinburgh, Scotland


Hazel also teaches Qigong (pronounced 'Chee Gong') relaxation exercises. Qigong is similar to Tai Chi - it is also very slow, relaxed and flowing, however it is much easier to learn and very therapeutic as well as energising. The Qigong moves are done in harmony with the breath. After an 8 week Easy Qigong course you may remember some Qigong exercises well enough to practice them effectively in your own time.

Hazel is a well established teacher who has many years experience teaching Tai Chi and Qigong to people of all ages and levels of fitness in a wide variety of different environments, including Community Health Projects, The Workplace, Health and Fitness Centres, Universities, Hospitals and to Minority groups. She also has experience of teaching chair based Qigong exercises, which are suitable for the physically challenged.

There are regular Tai Chi and Qigong Relaxation Courses running live online via Zoom. People from all over the world are welcome and there are classes for all levels of ability and experience. Please click here for a full list of all online classes. At the moment Hazel is running a Special Offer of all 6 online 8 week courses for £114! (Each course is normally £76). Please click here for more details or if you'd like to book your space.

Hazel also teaches Wild Goose Qigong and an online course will start soon- please click here to read about Wild Goose Qigong. A Wild Goose Qigong Workshop will also be taking place in Edinburgh soon.

Outdoor Tai Chi and Qigong classes will run as part of the Beginners Stockbridge Tai Chi and Qigong courses - please click here for more information.

Beginners Tai Chi and Qigong Relaxation Courses will start soon in Bruntsfield and Stockbridge. Please click here for the details.