Tai Chi and Qigong Relaxation Holiday/Retreat Schedule: 2019

Learn the opening moves of the amazing Wutan Tai Chi Relaxation sequence and some simple Qigong Relaxation Exercises. A fantastic opportunity to totally relax, rejuvenate, meet a small group of like-minded people and explore this magical island ... all in the sun...
Please note this schedule should only be used as a rough guide and may change slightly depending on who comes on the Holiday and what the group would like. The length of the Tai Chi/Qigong lessons may vary depending upon the ability and fitness levels of the group. No-one will be under any pressure at all to take part in any of the excursions/activities with the group and everyone will be totally free to do whatever they like.

Saturday 21st September:

Arrive on La Gomera (It is anticipated most people will arrive at different times throughout the day. There may be a Tai Chi/Qigong lesson on Saturday afternoon, however this will be dependent on the arrival times of everyone coming on the Holiday).
 7.30p.m. Welcome meal either from a set menu/or up to a value of 30 Euros per head, in a restaurant in Valle Gran Rey.
Sunday 22nd September:

8.30 - 10.00a.m : Introductory Tai Chi/Qigong lesson
11.30am - 1.30pm: Introductory walk around Valle Gran Rey, giving you an idea of where you can find nice beaches, restaurants, shops or book up for guided walking/cycling tours or day excursions etc.
 5.30 - 7.00p.m Tai Chi/Qigong lesson
Monday 23rd September: 
8.00a.m - 9.00a.m : Tai Chi/Qigong Lesson
10.00a.m - 1.30pm : Whale and Dolphin Watching trip on a Glass Bottom Boat (cost at the time of writing is 35 Euros) 
5.30 - 7.00p.m : Tai/ChiQigong Lesson
Tuesday 24th September: 
A day off .... giving you complete freedom to do what you like.

Wednesday 25th September: 

8.30a.m - 10.00am: Tai Chi/Qigong lesson
2.00p.m - 5.30p.m: Boat trip to Los Organos (Cost at time of writing is 35 Euros and includes Tapas)
These are tremendous basalt pillars of volcanic origin, only visible from the sea. This natural monument is a unique rock formation made up of vertical columns which look like church organ pipes. This natural wonder can only be appreciated to it's full extent and beauty from the sea and stretch to a height of 262ft and a width of 575ft. 
6.30p.m. - 7.30p.m: Tai Chi/Qigong lesson

Thursday 26th September: 

8.30a.m - 10.00a.m: Tai Chi/Qigong lesson
11.00a.m. Go hiking/walking. A walk will be chosen to suit the fitness levels of most people attending.
5.30p.m - 7.00p.m : Tai/Chi/Qigong lesson.
Friday 27th September: 
8.30 - 10.00a.m Tai Chi/Qigong lesson
4.00 - 5.30p.m: Final Tai Chi/Qigong Lesson
7.30pm: Meal out
Saturday 28th September: 
Farewells. Accommodation will need to be vacated by around 10.00a.m.

Things to do on the island/in Valle Gran Rey

During the Holiday there will be plenty of free time and you will have the freedom and flexibility to spend this time however you want. You may choose to spend time with the rest of the group or to do Tai Chi and Qigong on the beach/explore/lie on the beach/sit on your balcony/relax on your own. Valle Gran Rey is ideally located for boat tours, including whale and dolphin watching trips as well as hiking. Bike hire, guided walking tours and cycling tours and day excursions are also available.
PLEASE NOTE: The above schedule should only be used as a rough guide - it may change slightly to suit all who come on the Tai Chi and Qigong Holiday. Please feel free to either call or email Hazel if you need any more details. To read more about the Tai Chi and Qigong holiday on La Gomera please click on the link below to download your Holiday Retreat Registration Form:

Holiday Retreat Registration Form